HappierCo allows teams to record their reports on a weekly basis to enable employees and especially company managers to monitor their progress compared to what they did last week, the difficulties encountered, what they plan to do during the current week and the progression of their KPIs if they have defined one. An alert is displayed between the quick insight and the team's Activities block at the beginning of each week to remind and allow to do so.
To write your team's weekly report:

Click on the Write your weekly report button located above to the right of the team's Activities block.
Fill in the form fields with what your team did last week, what they will do this week, what difficulties they have**,** what KPI progression is if any, and if there are any other things to say.
Click on the Save report button to save

PS: The tasks of the past week are automatically proposed to you by the system according to the priorities that you had defined the past week.

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