Managing your business is not a task you should do alone. It is therefore important that you invite your colleagues. That's why it's one of the first things Happierco asks you to complete the setup of your business.

If you had ignored or had not invited all your colleagues, do not worry. You can always invite them later.
Everywhere on the application - if you have the admin or owner role - you will see an "**Invite colleagues**" button at the top right.

You can also access it by going to the Administration Dashboard. In the Users menu, you will see an "**Invite colleagues**" button just before the list of your users. Click on the button.
To invite a colleague:
    • Enter their email
    • If you want to give him administrative rights, check the "Admin" box
    • Enter as much mail as you want
    • Then click on "**Send invitation**"

If you have a CSV file, you can also load this file. In the CSV file, you have to register the emails.

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